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We are now agents for Quantum Tuning


Quantum Tuning is a remapping of your car, van, Motor Home or Tractor ECU. This will give you extra economy and BHP and Torque over and above that of standard. We found it hard to believe but now having programed our own vehicle have seen the benefits.


Visit the Quantum Website were you can see if your vehicle can be done. Just click on the ECU remap button on the left hand side and it will take you to the Quantum Website .If you would like a chat please ring and talk to Jason who is happy to help and will be carrying out the work.







We hold a wide range of tyres sizes, brands, 4x4 tyres and commercial tyres. If we do not have the tyre you want in stock then we can normally get it in for the next day.


Not only do we stock tyres, we also carry out puncture repairs, tyre swaps, valve replacement, balancing and tracking. We can change tyres on up to 21” rims.


We can  order in winter tyres but stock is limited . We are offering a FREE tyre safety check which will include ensuring tyres have adequate tread depth, tyre pressures are set correctly and the tyres are in a safe condition, free from any cuts,bulges or other hazards which could pose a potential safety threat.


No appointment necessary if you have a puncture or we have your tyre size in stock then we can do it whilst you wait.


When supplying and fitting tyres, prices include VAT, balancing, fitting of the new tyre and environmental disposal of the old tyre. NO hidden charges.







Jason is able to diagnose a wide range of electrical faults and dash light. Including: Engine management, ABS, Air bag, DPF etc on a wide range of car/ van manufacturers.


Jason uses the latest Bosch/ Pico diagnostic/ VAG com equipment. We also have a wide range of manufacturer specific diagnostic equipment for more challenging faults.


Above are some of the brands we carry in stock and if we dont have your size we can also order them in. Our main tyre suppliers are listed below.